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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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slightly back
Sunday, June 14, 2009 // 12:10 AM

puahh. back from sickness. i was total sick, can't move anywhere. 2 Days off from computer and internet...hell.

as i came back nao, went straight to plurk to see if shdah had posted her fic. uhh and vivienne unni told me that she had only posted the character list~ YAY~

juliettestale.blogspot.com <= Juliette's Tale ? 8D

see my xD character definition:

Name: Choi Yuna @ emma
Age: 18
School: Seoul High School; Senior
Family: have 2 younger brother
Personality: quiet n cheerful, likes blogging n singing, she didn't notice that she has one crush cuz she busy enters singing competition

Name: Kim Jonghyun @ Jonghyun
Age: 18
School: Seoul High School; new student
Personality: likes singing n compose songs, like this one girl very much but she didn't notice it

awwwww i'm pretty sure he likes me LMAOOOOOO


well,they deserve it.
let them get the Mutizen awards, but shinee will conquer all the rest ! MUSIC BANK K-Chart!
duh dizziness comeback =.=