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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

entries about chat links

random ; cravings =.= part 1
Monday, May 11, 2009 // 12:11 AM

Q. You received a lot of love by as the “Soeul couple” with Kim Bum.
A. “In the drama Ga Eul and Yi Jeong’s love line differed from the original Japanese work to create a beautiful love, and I was very happy because of that. “Soeul couple” is a pretty name to be coined as… I’m thankful we received so much support and love (laughs).”

yeah and we still want more...

Q. What is the most memorable thing?
A. “Because of BoF “Ga Eul-yang” has become my nickname (laughs). Even though at first I was a little sad about the name, but on one hand after fully absorbing the “Ga Eul” character I felt an intimacy to be called that so I felt happy. Also because I have received so much love with my nickname it has become a precious name to me and my other name. Sometimes even my family and friends would call me “Ga Eul-yang.” (laughs)”

x3 it's suppossed to be yijeong&kimbum's special nick for youuu!

Q: As Yijung, what memory/scene still remains with you?
Kim Bum:By any means, it has to be the memories that my other half Miss Gaeul and I made together. It's also because everyone gave the two of us so much love calling us the "Soeul Couple".

credits to bebyxanna@soompi for translating.
oh yeah you two are supposed to be real soulmate xD

Kim Bum : I didn’t know, until I moved, that we will be living in the same neighborhood. We go to church together, and played soccer with our church friends too. Even though we met through (acting of) drama, we became close in real life. Recently, I spent a lot of time with F4.

i wanna go to church with u too oppa <333

You know you’re SoEul-mate when;

1) So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul is the driving force that made me finally wrote my own fanfic, and it’s based on them!
2) I only watched BOF because of them, if not because I was watching with my friends I‘ll fast forward the episode till SoEul’s scene
3) I dreamt about SoEul
4) I forced myself to learn how to use the siggy function and made my own siggy
5) My desktop wallpaper is SoEul
6) I kept on re-watching the anycall CF
7) I’ll check on this thread every hour

you're soo rightt except for 1 *i don't write,just read*

muah <3 ! bonjukk come fastt pleaseee

omo,is this for another bonjuk cf or what?