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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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random ; craving ; fangirling ; full soeul spazzing mode
Monday, May 11, 2009 // 1:41 AM

OMGee Bonjuk xDDD
ohiloveSOEULskinshipp xD HUGS!

translation cut for this part from the original poster :

This time is on the street , a hugging scene.
The scene makes the crew and fans so envious of the scene.
Our heart is melted by the sight of the 2 of you smiling.[full]


Q: Goo Hye Sun! Among F4, who would u choose to become your lover?

HS (thinking for a while): uhmm...can i pick two? MinHo and Hyun Joong who i paired up with in the drama

Kim Bum and Kim Joon (expresses their disappointment by some actions after hearing HS's answer)

Kim Joon: it took a long way to come here with u, how could u say that?

Kim Bum: i already have Ga Eul so i dunt mind at all ^^

oh yeahhhh KimBum you love her !!! :P

Soeulmates NGed 19 times

During the almost kiss, because the other cast members were teasing and causing chaos they NGed 19 times, more than Kim Hyun Joong's 17 times record.

KSE doesn't have any experience with relationships, and also never had her first kiss or first on screen kiss. Kim Bum on the other hand is very experienced in both relationships and onscreen/offscreen kisses, which is very close to their character in the drama. During the shoot, even though it was not a real kiss, whenever they got close, the other F3 or Gu Hye Sun would shout "First kiss!" "Bummie be more gentle!" "Be responsible for your actions!" "Just kiss!" etc, making the couple very embarassed and awkward until they finally got it right on the 19th try.

©Heroine.Mei@soompi for translation
very nice of you f3 + hyesun *winks winks* xD

Interviewer :"Bummie-sshi was very worried about leaving Ga Eul yang to you."
Yoo Seung Ho : "I guess I'll have to talk to Bummie Hyung later, have a serious talk for once. haha"
Interviewer : "If you could call Ga Eul Yang in your own version/way."
Yoo Seung Ho : "Gaeul yang" *blush and embarassed* "what am I doing?" the caption says "even so, I like it XD;;;

omo yoo seung ho is soo cuteee xD
i accept you to be soeun's dongsaeng ! xD
but i'm against don't accept Kim Byul for Kim Bum !

awww i'm really looking forward to this moviee xD

kyuttie seung ho with so eun unni xD BTS @ Fourth Period Murder Mystery

trying some coloring :

enough for now. gotta eat =.=