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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009 // 4:07 AM

uh-oh. yesterday was almost perfect *without the body's pain* , but today... was awful I didn't finished all the given tasks on "TIK" ... as i said i'm so bad in macromedia flash thingy... so i was kinda too slow in doing it. and then suddenly , riiiingggg!!! it's over. and the other one is english. the listening part was frikkin pretty easy , but the speaking part... i'm loss at words because of certain someone who's making me forgot all things i supposed to retell with his dorky face...

but actually , his facial expression was EPIC HILARIOUS. seriously. it's a good thing i could hold my laughter in ! *ROFL*

yeah. but, whatever. i gave up.

anyway ! i discovered that IU / 아이유 (read: a-i-yu) is really good! i haven't really like her song, but her covers...are awesome! she did a cover for Girls' Generation Gee at KBS SGB , and recently a cover for Super Junior Sorry Sorry @ KBS2 Cool FM Sukira. and...woahh i like it so much

IU cover for Gee @ Star Golden Bell

IU cover for Sorry Sorry @ Kiss The Radio

move on, today is thursday, so it's supposed to be the release day of the F4 After Story Part 3 and 4 right? awww...wanna see Hyunjung and Minho's version... xD i hope tvants' working today? last week, my effort is useless . Mnet's VOD player was not working (the bufferring takes forever), and tvants is not workin either (it was just repeating a scene from some show , which has been replayed by it for the whole day, dang!) no other choice but wait for the kind souls to upload and subs it on youtube
so maybe i won't expect much today ...

okay then, imma going now :) got some new fanfic chappies xD

eh, wait! I almost forgot~ :

kkotnam of the day