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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

entries about chat links

first award :D
Saturday, May 23, 2009 // 3:39 AM

beep! beep! beep!

lol,random. hmm...actually, i don't have anything to spazz about today... you know,,,another boring day. But I was checkin' this blog when i saw my tagboard, and saw soza unni's message. And what she said was... i received an award from her =D
and i was like, "huh?" but after i checked her page,i understand what she means. I got a blog award. DUMB. I know. I am dumb. how could i don't understand what was she's refering to while it's so obvious? =.=

anyway,let's see the *cough cough*,the first award, i've received.

so it's a friendship award =D
thanks a lot soza onni

so, after receiving this award, i've got to give this award to another 10. i actually don't really get what the qualifications are, but let's just say these 10 blog owner are the peple whom i chat/talk with mostly and whom blog i like the most (but doesn't mean i don't like the others >.<) =) hey,did i sound too official? lmao

1. Eugenia love her kawaii blog =)
2.Jaime love how most of her posts contains adorable stuffs :D
3.Soza an interesting unni which come from depok, juts like me !
4.Chika-chin i like talking to her, even it's not that often. and her anime reviews are great
5.Febi another chatmate. a fellow shawol whom blog is ... funny!
6.Rafika also a fellow shawol, and minho lovers united xD
7.Vicki i love her lee minho pics...and i adore her fanfics <3
8.Maria my beloved cousin!
9.PrincessFroggy chatmate~ xD
10.Herwianmy first schoolmate to link me aside from eugenia :D

i hope those who i tagged sees this...

umm...one more thing before i leave !

omg so yummy! micky yoochun oppa gimme some xD on Twitpic

omg this gelato from yoochun oppa's eomonim's shop is damn looking tasty xD

hehe~,byee :)
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