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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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dang. i'm suffering
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 // 1:06 AM

aigoo! yesterday's hell effect is now making me suffering. ahh...can you believe that my whole body is hurting ? you must. it's really hurts when i'm moving even just a slight movement!

but! today is not really a bad day !

today's P.E was Crafting (well,i dunno what's the real english for this word but it's "Keterampilan" in Indonesian") and Science. i did my best in crafting, but the result is not as good as i did long ago. well, maybe because i did it in hurry because of the time limit ~

But i was very lucky in science ! i drawed the easiest task in each subject (physics and biology) xD in physics i got to make a magnet , and in biology i just had to identify the part of an egg and look for the embryo ! phew ~ thank god for his bless ! <3

and finally tomorrow is the last day for practical exam. the last subjects are English and Computer. umm gotta study macromedia flash ... i'm not really good in macromedia flash... hehe~
and also...i'm still wanting more kim bum and so eun ... x)
i'm waiting for bon i.f for the commercials... they better make it fast or i have to watch the 25-episoded-drama-that-i've-watched-like-3-times Kkotboda Namja all over again to see soeul scenes...*i do have soeul cuts but cuts isn't really good for some reason*
Bon I.F , please...be kind to SoEulmaters~
look at anycall who was being so nice to us!

anyway, i'm going to study now~ catch u later