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buildings with a hundred floors,
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i don't know where they'll take me.

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damn. a CRUSHED soeul fangirl heart
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 // 6:32 AM

ahk. today was just okay even i didn't allowed to touch my lappie. well, rewatching BOF helped me to survive passing the day. And then i thought this is gonna be a WONDERFUL day when i heard my mom said,"Duh,kamu kok bete gitu deass? Ambil deh laptopnya. Modemnya di lemari mama, kuncinya di tas kerja mama yang biasa. Ambil,gih". (trans: basically,she told me to go get the laptop that she hid from me, because i looked so bored)

But then, after i got the laptop and the internet... I saw these AWFUL PICTURES. my beatiful day is just CRUSHED. not just the day, but i felt like my pure soeul fangirl heart is literally dropped. It's like being slapped many times at my face. I feel frustrated. being an all time SoEul shipper, i feel like i'm being cheated.

I know, this is not his first time sharing a kiss on screen with another girl. But, you see, this is the first time i see it after him being paired with our sweet lolipop, Kim SoEun...
It's like the korean intertainment companies -- knowing how huge and what a phenomenon Soeul Couple have become -- purposely do this to us, the fans. Maybe they get really excited for teasing us all this time. *cough cough bonjuk*

uhhh...you know, we *soeul shippers ; soeulmates* were like fools waiting and praying for them to be in a project together, but they ended up working on rival broadcast station for different drama and all. And worst yet, all the CFs and music videos has been nothing but a tease! The kiss (that we DID NOT see) in Samsung Anycall Bodyguard CF and So Yijung's After Story music drama (WITHOUT Gaeul or her VOICE).

i don't think i can bare more. sheesh.

Kim Bum,

i hate your girl partner except KSE.


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