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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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Breaking Free
Thursday, May 21, 2009 // 5:44 AM

yes. free. no more studying for a while... xD isn't that great??? who says no, he/she is insane...whatever the reason is good. (?)
so, we'll be having 3 weeks off ... then a farewell with our juniors , prom ... ? and at last ... graduation... euh i don't feel like thinking about it... just pray...

SO , i was really bored, so was just turning on my RANDOM-ness mode.
while random-ing (is this even a word?) , i found these :

omg i'm freaking out xD the cake is just  on Twitpic

oh i just love cheesecakes so much xD

looks so elegant xD

fruitcake! so yummy~<br /> on Twitpic

fruity !

ANYWAY , bonjuk was giving us new posters/pics yesterday~

omg love the effin cute new bonjuk poster xD on Twitpic

huhuh...i want kimbum autograph... xD

just upload this one poster...too lazy to reupload the others =p

i even too lazy to share more...so i'm going ! gonna watch Cinderella Man~ AND READ FANFICS ! xD

baiibaii =D