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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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tadaaa !
Friday, March 6, 2009 // 12:17 AM

here i am !
i'm not back from HIATUS yet, just checking some news.
and ya know what ?

And the comeback performance is on KBS Music Bank , March 13th !

isn't it exciting ?! I MUST SEE IT ! but KBS is no longer available at my house,,,
the cable tv is dead since the 2nd semester coz of this whole exam thingy. Maybe i should just watch KBS online. But i hope it won't lag again like last time, in SNSD comeback performance. anyway, just wonder is it true that the MV is coming out on 11th.

And...take a look on the dance pratice ! teukie uploaded the video on his cyworld 2 days ago ... :)

and...i see heard that teukie got a new haircolor . just wonder is kyuhyun is changing his hairstyle or haircolor...i don't recognize him on the teaser pictures...

see the sukira video at February 25th !
look, that's minho who's talking with teukie !! :D

ahh...and the BAD NEWS i just knew is ....
KARA "Honey" had overtakes SNSD Gee's 1st place ...
uhh ... whatever. Gee is still holding my first place for now. just wait for Super Junior's new song...and then SHINee ... yayy !
by the way , today is the revealing time of Noh Min Woo's song which has Sunny in it right? i'm looking for it :D
ahh...this is too much...i didn't even see SNSD's Dear Mom performance...and SNSD newest Star King episode..and i wanna download the full Sukira video (look up,it's one of them) . andd....akuu mau nonton Kambing Jantan...

what ?? did ya hear ? ahh ! it's my stomach ! i'm actually really starving right now ! so, i think this is the end of this post for now... i'll see ya later then ! bye !