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Super Junior 'Sorry Sorry' Topped the K-Chart !
Saturday, March 28, 2009 // 12:11 AM

Super Junior have gotten the number 1 position on KBS2TV Music Bank K-Chart after just 2 weeks of promotion. They had only just made their return to the K-pop scene with their new album and title track Sorry Sorry after a long absence for more than a year.

The 27th March episode of Music Bank was the accumulated chart rankings for March with Super Junior up against fellow SM Entertainment colleagues, Girls' Generation Gee (Goodbye Stage today) and Seotaiji's Juliet. Super Junior eventually prevailed with a overall tally of 10,193 points. All of them were in tears with Lee Teuk especially emotional as he told fellow member Ki Bum (who was absent) that his hyungs have done it. Han Kyung also thanked the fans in Mandarin and Girls' Generation remained on stage at the end for the encore.


yayy~~ first Girls Generation, now Super Junior !
semoga Sorry Sorry terus sukses!!!
btw,donlot dlu ahhh... *ngacirr ke Club Box*