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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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yummy . . . :)
Friday, February 6, 2009 // 5:20 PM

maybe i should write my blog in aliens indonesian + english, because my english is not good sucks but i should practice english...

duh ngantuks. ya iyalah! secara kmaren ngenet sampe jam 03.17 *lagi menggila*, trus di kamar bukannya langsung tewas tidur , eh malah baca komik! habisnya,klo sblum tidur ga megang komik, sengantuk-ngantuknya juga ttp susah tidur!

i found interesting news today ...
here they are!

1. FT Island's new MV : Bad Woman released ! ^^ this is their first MV without Wonbin, and the first time with new member , Song Seung Hyun

Minhwan is the main lead with the new haircut *or it's just me haven't see it?* ? but i see Hongki has more part! *of course, he's the lead singer , stupid me !*

by the way , this is Song Seunghyun

he said :
"Since I've just recently joined the group, I will be lacking lots of experience, however I will try my best to not fall behind and will work hard to gain the love of fans."

well,good luck to FT Island with the new member...

2. Girl's Generation released "Gee" MV in Dance Version !

Let's Dance ! (?)

3. SHINee sings Stand By Me (Boys Over Flowers OST) Acapella ...sweet angel voices... ♥_♥

audio only---
here's the download link if u're interested :

credits: shineee16@YT ; 안아주세요 @bestiz

4. The Wonder Girls did their first english interview in America !

*LOL at those "Nobody" wigs*
Sunye,why r you introducing yourself as 'Sun' ? and Ye Eun as ... Yeni ? Sunmi as Mimi ? why are they changing their names ?
well,sohee and yoobin do not change theirs thou' ~

credit : All Kpop

5. From SNSD's schedule i saw before , tomorrow YoonA will be the guest at Super Junior Kiss The Radio a.k.a. Sukira !
credit : soshified

6. Today at the afternoon, 'SM Town Live '08 in Bangkok' Concert will be held , taking place in Thailand's Bangkok Rajamangkala National Stadium. I wish i could go there... >.>

i think that's all for now...
now i'm going to download stuffs !
annyeong ... !

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