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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009 // 9:56 PM

about a week ago, one of my good friend Amanda Nathania alias 'Na suggested me to watch a video titled Kiss - Because I'm A Girl. she said that it's a sweet but sad story. But at the time, i couldn't watch it because my internet modem is having somekind of error. So, today I tried to watch it and .... the story ... it's incredibly sad... makes me cry... i dunno about others , but i am crying . for real . omGee ...

you try it.

i'm curious about the song , and i did some googling about it. and i found out that the video is a MV for a kpop female trio , whose song is a huge hit in 2002. The video spread like wildfire over the internet, becoming a very popular music video. but then the group quickly disbanded amid reports that there was internal squabbling.

the song has created into many different versions :

* English version : "Because I'm A Girl"(Korean-American KISS member) by Jini
* Mandarin version : "没有你的每一天" (Mei You Ni De Mei Yi Tian) ("Days Without You") by Jill Xu Jie Er
* Cantonese version : "野种子" (Yi Chong Zhi) ("Wild Seed") by Bobo Chan
* Tagalog (Philippines) version : "Kung Alam Mo Lang" by Roxanne "Roxie" Barcelo
* Vietnamese version : "Noi Dau Muon Mang" by Anh Tie
* Portuguese version : "Se você disser que sim" by Francielle
* Japanese version : "Onna Da Kara" by Azuki
* Turkish version : "Görmez Olsun(bizim şarkımız)" by:Grup Anlılar
* Spanish version : "Because I'm A Girl"


yang enggaknya nih ya, abis sedih-sedih gtu, my cousin told me to check out Raditya Dika's blog .
ujung-ujungnya, ngakak deh.

dah lagi ah.
timor lestenya lom slesai.