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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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another day to face,,,
Saturday, February 7, 2009 // 7:58 PM

oh my goodness...
pagi-pagi gini udah dapet shocking news !

di SM Live Concert in Bangkok kmaren...

Heechul kissed Siwon oppa !
is he crazy or what ?
padahal gw rasa tinggal dy yg pure , tak ternoda
setelah sungmin dinodai !
maybe some people like that kind of fan service,
but for me, that's a big no no !!!
siwon juga !
mau aja lagi !

fiuh !


i have never really hate any CF so far...
but i can't stand this one !

yah!choi minho !

i should join those SHAWOL reaction

apa ?
reaksi saia norak ?
biarin aja !

i can't imagine Key's, Onew's , and Jonghyun's version of this CF



ternyata pas performance SNSD di Music Bank 30 Januari kmaren itu...
leader Taeyeon terluka !!

Quote from All Kpop:
"The injury occurred during their "Gee" performance with pyrotechnics / fireworks. During the performance, one of the fireworks shot up and hit Taeyeon in the face."

omo...poor taenggo !
fortunately, she wasn't seriously hurt , and could perform for the second take and the encore performance , since they won the first place for the 3rd time in a row ...

it's occured at around 1:09

okay,enough about taenggo.

now , let's back to the SM Live Concert in Thailand !

well,i can't comment much about this , since i'm sadly definitely not attending the concert ...
i'm just quoting from all kpop,okay ?
As if he wasn't delicious enough before! U-Know Yunho celebrated his 23rd (24th by Korean count) birthday during the SM Town concert in Bangkok, Thailand. His fellow SM brothers ganged up on him. Shindong from Super Junior held his arms, Micky Yoochun smashed a cake into his face, and Changmin made sure to rub a handful of cake into his hair too. Unless this crazy fangirl gets to him, this sexy beast is going to need plenty of shampoo tonight.


tasty enough ? :D
yea. i could eat you up
aaa...yunho oppa xD

dah dulu ah.
mo bikin tugas.
si herwian ga mo bantu lagi...