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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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[Translation] [From.Jong Hyun + Key] Hello ~! This is SHINee's Jong Hyun + Key !
Friday, January 9, 2009 // 7:29 PM

From. JongHyun

Hello ~ this is bling bling jonghyun.
~ 2009 the new year is bright finally

A little bit late, but! Happy New Year 2009,everyone!

In the New Year with a new look!

Everybody I'll try to surprise you, ~

To be the New Year together with SHINee ~ ~

I talk a lot ~

2008 has the time when i thinks over, but ~

Thought tries no matter how and ~

everybody gives and interest and the love!!!

2009!!! I will be able to repay you all!! ~

I'll work more and more ~

Will change newly SHINee features!!

which Expects and is good,… Attitude and does….

khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu khu . . .

khu khu khu khu khu . . .

before that , until here . . .
see ya later ~

From. Key
Hello! this is SHINee's Maneung Yulsoi Digital Key '-' *

It's been a long time! Ha ha!

How did the first day of the year 2009 '?' * ~ good '? `*

We have fun, exercising !

In addition to today's the new SHINee is ready ~

Is expected to show soon ... heuheuheu

Key armies and all have prepared a lot of expectations, everybody, please!

And one more thing . Boolgot Khariseuma Minho spark films!

He's in SoNyeoShiDae sunbae-nim's MV, `Gee'...
I saw the music video together ...

As multi field light…

Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee ~ I really want to see the stage is getting faster!

I'm scared too surprising 55 555 ~ ~

Listen to SNSD sunbae-nim's `Gee', please !

And also our song!!! SHINee's `AMIGO' ~!

Then, tell everyone that the song is fun blah`*

Let's see the reaction on the Music Bank !

Goodbye, all !

hyaa~ maneung yulsoi is promoting his sunbae's mini album~
so cuteee ! (?)
don't worry , i always listen to AMIGO! (?)
by the way , the translation is not good~
coz i translate it using translater engine~
the translation is bad .
so i try modifying them a little,so it would be easier to understand.
but still, my english is even worse than the translater engine =.=a

SHINee sarang!

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