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SJM to dress as God Of Fortune at New Year Concert 2009
Saturday, January 3, 2009 // 1:44 AM

After having a concert at Hong Kong, red hot boyband SJM is now in the midst of having rehearsals for China's Hunan Satellite TV New Year Concert 2009. According to reports, after dressing up as Santa Claus at their concert in Hong Kong, SJM will turn into 'Gods of Fortune' live on stage on 31st December, eve of the New Year, giving the audience presents on behalf of Hunan Satellite TV!

SJM has debuted for over half a year. Their healthy as well as progressive image has gained the likes of audiences. Recently, SJM's leader Hankyung was ranked no.1 for the 'Most Satisfactory Artiste's Image Award' in an online survey. In order to let the fans have a closer interaction with SJM, the production team in charge of the New Year Concert came up wiht a special segment where SJM will dress up as 'Gods Of Fortune', representing Hunan Satellite TV to give the audience valuable gifts. This will allow the audience to not only enjoy the music, but also to celebrate the New Year happily. With new presents to take home, everyone will definitely be contented.

It is understood that the gifts will be given randomly to people chosen from the audience by SJM themselves, and they will hand them the gifts personally as a form of close interaction! Therefore, the chances of those nearer the stage receiving the New Year gifts from SJM will be higher. Other than presenting gifts, the highlight of the day is that SJM will bring to the audience an interesting song cum dance performance.

No matter if it's the opening show or solo performances, the presenting of New Year gifts or counting down to the New Year, SJM will still bring the audience an all star performance, creating a beautiful and perfect New Year Concert.

・.。credits: TOM.com, SHARM♥이특@AF & SMTOWN LOVER @Blogspot。.・