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SHINee Becomes Disciple of C-Are-Us [31.12.2008]
Saturday, January 3, 2009 // 1:17 AM

Calling out to their fans to donate the money that they use to buy presents for them to charity instead.

Korean young boy group [SHINee] came to Taiwan for a speedy 45 hours, in which they rushed notices nonstop, and even went to Guang Fu Nan Road's C-Are-Us''s bakery to volunteer. The 5 big boys were split into 3 groups, some made bread, some arranged the products on display, while members Jonghyun and Almighty Key who have learnt Chinese before were stationed at the cashier counter, shouting "Welcome!" in Chinese. Almighty Key operated the cash register under the guidance of the shop assistants but accidentally keyed in "40" instead of "44" which prompted Jonghyun to instantly correct him in Chinese saying "It's 44!", showing how scared they are about making money losses.

SHINee, whose average age is 17 years old, may be young, but they all have a loving heart, and even volunteered at C-Are-Us's bakery on christmas. They said "This is the most meaningful christmas." At the same time, they also called out to their fans to donate the money that they use to buy presents for them to charity instead.

The 5 of them were caught in a mad rush. Jonghyun and Almighty Key were the cashiers and spoke Chinese throughout while using gestures animatedly to settle the bill for the customers; Taemin who is the youngest became the disciple of C-Are-Us, and was in the kitchen learning how to make red bean buns. He saidly shyly "This is my [first bun experience], my teacher is really great, he can just make a very pretty shaped bun effortlessly, the buns that I baked will definitely be shapeless."

It's New Year tomorrow and they do not forget to wish the Taiwanese fans as well. "We wish everyone Happy New Year. We are thankful to our fans for their support all the way, and we will work even harder to present a new Shining SHINee to repay everyone."

*NOTE: [C-Are-Us], is also known as [Children-Are-Us], it is a non-profit private organization which provides long term care and job training to those suffering from Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, multiple dysfunction and other mental illness.

・.。credits: Apple Daily, atlantis-x, SHINee Forums & SMTOWN LOVER @Blogspot。.・

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