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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
i don't know where they'll take me.

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omo ! MBC Music Core Live ! SNSD Comeback
Saturday, January 10, 2009 // 12:21 AM

yay !
i was hanging around at shineee.net and talking with the people ~
and then i ask them are they going to watch Music Core live,coz it's SNSD's comeback stage today .
some of them said yes , and some were asking for links .
they told me that SHINee is performing too.
hha,i didn't know.
we wait...
we saw some weird haired guy singing.
at first it keeps lagging . . .
but then , when Kara starts performing it works really well.
they're wearing cute yellow outfit.
but then a song after Kara performed , it starts lagging again.
suddenly, i heard ...someone *i'm not sure is it Daesung or Seungri or anyone else* saying : "SHINee" and of course i am giggling like stupid .
the boys are performing "Love Should Go On" remix which they have been performing a lot recently.
at first it works nicely...i could see the boys dancing . i had the chance to saw minho acting sexy =P *he knows how to be sexy xD* and looking at onew while hearing his voice , making me Onew Sick <3
but then ... the lagging cameback . and i was like "damn!" .
why is it always like this... i hate it...

so i'm listening to the boys singing while the picture is lagging.
i thought the were going to perform only Love Should Go On remix , but apparently they are performing AMIGO too. love it~ but still , the lagging won't go .
*i was thinking to reloading the page but i was afraid it won't load anymore.*

finally they are finished . i'm clapping like crazy . my sisters is staring at me from outside the room . they thinks i'm crazy T__T

the case is , after shinee finished their performance , the lagging went .

so , i'm waiting for SNSD's turn while watching SeungRi's Strong Baby performance *ohemGee,he's HOT*. i wanna see sunny's, okay, snsd's comeback performance. a few songs after Ji Young performance is SS501 . in the middle of their performance,the video is not lagging...NOT lagging, BUT FREEZING damn! the sound is not stopping though,so i keep hearing SS501,song. I thought the video would works again if i wait. SS501 finished their performance, and i hear someone saying SoNyeoShiDae, BUT the video is still freezing. and blablabla, i can't see them performing . only hearing them . well,the girls performing Gee *i think it's lipsyced* and Himnae . hha , my favorite 2 tracks from their new single. i can't watch them , but at least i can hear them .
i'll download both of SHINee and SNSD's performance tomorrow. the SNSD one is uploaded at daum . but . . . i'm not in the mood~

and now it's time for me to shut up and turn off the computer .

edit :
i have seen the girl's performance and . . . i'm pretty sure it's not lipsynched

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