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[10.01.09] SNSD Comes Back with an Extravagant Performance
Saturday, January 10, 2009 // 8:18 AM

SNSD has made their comeback after an 8 month break with a bright and extravagant performance.

SNSD had their first comeback performance on the 10th at MBC's 'Show! Music Core' with their title track "Gee".

They made their appearance wearing the colorful skinny jean outfits from their music video, that premiered a few days earlier, and showed that they were still capable of a bright and cheerful stage presence.

Each member performed their parts with their individual cute and bright charms and pulled off a successful performance. They especially gained interest for their mannequin concept and for their "crab leg" dance that they showed during the song.

Moreover, they showed a new side of themselves with their performance of "Him Nae!", which was a remake of the "Haptic Motion" song that was released under the "Haptic" phone advertisements, and delighted the fans with their cheerful and encouraging atmosphere during the song, as well as with their fresh and strong vocal presence on the stage.

"Gee" has topped the charts on Melon, Dosirak, MNet Chart, Bugs, Cyworld, and Muze immediately upon its release and has been gaining more and more attention from fans and non-fans alike.

SNSD will continue their comeback performances on the 11th at SBS 'Inkigayo' and on the 16th at KBS 'Music Bank'.

credits to MyDaily and boxclub@soshified
finally i can see how was the performance ...
i could have seen it earlier though !
if this internet connection is not being too lazy to receive the transmissions from Seoul...

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